North London:  East Finchley at Utopia , 1 Leicester Road, off High Street,  London N2 9EJ 

Cost is £75 for the hour session at Utopia East Finchley only

Nearest tubes: East Finchley  Northern line High Barnet Branch  (six minutes walk from the tube station)

From East Finchley tube, go right  to the traffic light cross roads and  cross the road straight then immediately cross to the other side of the road (all pelican lights go green at the same time  so you can cross both at once).  Leicester road is after Lincoln road.  Utopia is the second building on the right, The entrance is just under the mews arch.

Please wait in reception and I will come down and get you.  There are three flights of steep stairs.

Buses:    263,   143,  102,  234,  603,  653

Parking in the street:

Drive to end of Leicester road (away from the high street end) and turn left
where you can park for free after 1pm.

And all the spaces further down the road (Leicester Road) after Utopia (away from the high
street) are free except for between 2pm and 3pm

Also in Leicester Road there are are four paying spaces by the yoga place opposite Sainsburys which are free AFTER 18.30pm. Pay by phone or text to Barnet Council number on street sign -Maximum stay 1.5 hours -location is 5872.